Pesky Mind Course

Learn 5 Effective Calming Techniques

Learn and practice these highly effective techniques for calming your own mind.  

“Working with That Pesky Mind” Course is available at Udemy for only $19.97. Click the Udemy image below!


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Private Practice Clients working with Loreen get this course for free!

Licensed therapist and anxiety specialist Loreen O’Brien shares 5 effective tools that she uses in her private practice. Calming anxiety and overwhelm is possible when you have mastered some proven calming techniques.

In this course:

  • Understand why mind-body and cognitive approaches work

  • Learn 5 effective practices that calm anxiety:

    • EFT Tapping

    • Breathing Techniques

    • Guided Meditation

    • Yoga Nidra

    • CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • 6 Handouts and 7 Downloadable Calming Practices (mp3/mp4)


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