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Loreen Ireland

Loreen O'Brien, LMHC - Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Over 20 years combined experience as a counselor and teacher

  • Master of Arts in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
  • Master of Divinity, General Theological Seminary in New York City
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #MH14676, State of Florida
  • Master Practitioner or A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy)

Master-Level Trained in A.R.T., Certificate #M1074. There are 3 levels of training in Accelerated ResolutionTherapy (A.R.T.), Loreen has trained in all 3 and is a “Master” practitioner of A.R.T. Typically in 1-4 sessions, limiting beliefs, long-held trauma, phobias and fears can heal and resolve.

Level 1 and 2 Training with Dawson Church, Ph.D.,  October 25-28, 2016, Minneapolis, MN    Tapping is a highly researched and effective approach to calming emotions and distressing thoughts. It is also useful in changing limiting beliefs and long-held emotional states. Tapping is so effective, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) has recently approved the approach for use with Veterans who have PTSD.

Trained under Jennifer Reis of Kripalu Center, February 2017                                                                Yoga Nidra is a powerful and deep guided meditation designed to first relax the body then drop the thinking mind into the background so that deep subconscious work can be done. 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra has been proven to be equivalent to 4-5 hours of restorative sleep.

Trained with Larissa Carlson former Dean of Kripalu Center, MA, 2018                                                Breathing practices are essential tools for being able to switch on the Relaxation Response in the mind and body. People who are highly stressed tend to stay in the “Fight-Flight-Freeze” response, which wreaks havoc on the mind, body and spirit. Learn in therapy sessions these highly effective breathing techniques: Alternate Nostril Breathing (or Nadi Shodhana), the Bee Breath, Box Breathing, Diaphragmatic Breathing (or the belly breath).

"I have been to counseling numerous times. It's typically the same as any other counselor if you ask me. After hearing about ART with Loreen, I definitely wanted to go. I needed to try something new. Her technique really works. It's quite amazing. If a certain event or events are holding you back from being truly happy in your life and causing internal issues, you will want to go do this for yourself."

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