Accelerated Resolution Therapy 


What Is A.R.T.?

A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) is an evidence–based approach that helps to quickly resolve troubling or traumatic past and current events.

The client’s deeper brain processes through the visual memory of the troubling event  while engaging in eye movements (following the therapist’s hand). Emotions that arise are comfortably processed out using techniques inherent in A.R.T. By the end of the session, most people feel a shift in how they think and feel about the problem they worked on. People report feeling “light, relief, and relaxed” at the end of the A.R.T session. While we can’t erase past experiences, A.R.T. does help bring about a sense of resolve about the issue, resulting in no longer feeling triggered about the event.

Proven Effective In Treating

  • P.T.S.D
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety


A.R.T in the news 

ART is an evidence–based novel psychotherapy that fosters rapid recovery by reprogramming how the brain stores traumatic memories and imagery.”

I think more of us experience stress from things that have happened in the past than we realize. A.R.T. was almost unbelievably simple. It seems like I was working on these things all along, but Loreen O’Brien, using A.R.T., helped me access them and alleviate the stress without having to talk through a thousand possible reasons or emotional obstacles that might have been causing it. Loreen clearly has skills, but I think she also has a real gift.


I was skeptical that A.R.T. could help with all the PTSD symptoms I was experiencing that were interfering with my everyday life. I had lost a loved one in a tragic way 5 years ago and I was the once who found her.  But A.R.T. amazingly got my brain to stop the hypervigilence and startle responses I was having and the flash backs and isolation went away too. I tell everyone I know about A.R.T.  Don’t put off trying this approach. I feel like I am finally able to enjoy life again.


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